Overbridge 2.1.0 Release Notes

Elektron Music Machines

April 26, 2022

How to upgrade:

Uninstall first, then install.

Should you experience any problems or find any bugs, please report this to

Elektron support: http://www.elektron.se/support


The Elektron development team

List of changes from 2.1.0 to 2.1.1

Fixed issue with corrupt audio on Four/Rytm/Keys (all MKI) on macOS Big Sur and Monterey.

Fixed issue where Delay Mix Volume was updating Delay Reverb Send in the Digitakt plugin.

List of changes from 2.0.65 to 2.1.0

Added Syntakt Plugin

New channel design in Overbridge Control Panel

Added levels monitoring in mixer

Added ability to change start/end in Rytm Sample graph Added ability to change start/length/loop in Digitakt Sample graph

Added ability to preview samples with space key

Added name of right-clicked parameter to menu

Added update warning if Overbridge and device versions do not match in plugins when using auto-select

Added missing LFO1 destinations in LFO2 destination list for Digitone

Fixed issue where pattern values where loaded when loading a project with globals enabled

Fixed issue where Digitone Reverb Shelving Filter Frequency jumped between 0 and 127 when using the graph

Fixed issue with global track level in track view

Fixed issue where changing Reverb Send in Analog Four Saturator Delay also changed the input filtering graphics

Fixed issue with the attack in the Filter and User envelope in Analog Four

Fixed various issues with the right-click modulation menu in all plugins

Fixed issue where pattern mutes did not update after changing pattern

Fixed crash when closing DAW while Sidechain Routing window is open

Fixed issue where INT TO MAIN auto setting was not working correctly while CPU was stressed

List of changes from 2.0.64 to 2.0.65

Fixed renaming bug in the Analog Heat plugin

Fixed global external mixer parameter communication

Fixed global internal mixer parameter communication

List of changes from 2.0.63 to 2.0.64


Add support for Dual Mono parameters in the Digitone plugin.

Add support for Global FX Modes parameters in the Digitone plugin.

Bug fixes

Fixed bug where Total Recall prompt did not appear in the plugin.

Fixed bug where notifications didn't show up.

Fixed bug where editing the textbox input value didn't update the device

Added missing tooltips in the Digitone plugin.

List of changes from 2.0.62 to 2.0.63

Bug fixes

Fixed issue where Engine could crash when shutting down

Fixed UI issue in Digitakt plugin filter component.

Fixed issue where a plugin could fail to connect to Engine. This would more likely happen if a device was detached / attached quickly, for example when installing a new firmware.

Fixed issue where "end" parameter of chosen sample was changed when changing sample slot.

Fixed issue where side chain audio signal could end up with garbage samples when changing routing.

List of changes from 2.0.61 to 2.0.62


You can now select which Total Recall state to use (plugin or device) from the plugin.

Bug fixes

Fixed potential problem with data being corrupt when sending data to the device.

Fixed potential issue with Total Recall image being corrupt.

Fixed crash in standalone plugins that happened if a mono output was selected.

Fixed potential crash in plugin gui.

List of changes from 2.0.60 to 2.0.61

Bug fixes

Fixed connection issue where plugin kept playing but no device was selected.

Fixed two plugins thinking they are connected to the same device.

If DAW does not support sidechain a message about it is shown in the sidechain popup.

Fixed bug in initial sync of device where it could take up to 30 seconds to finish.

Fixed issue where total recall prompt did not appear in some cases.

Fixed Digitakt LFO speed range.

Fixed audio input selection in Standalone.

Fixed minor graphical line bugs.

List of changes from 2.0.59 to 2.0.60

Bug fixes

Fixed issue with latency measuring when changing buffer size.

Fixed issue with selecting an Elektron device as input / output in standalone plugins.

Fixed potential crash in all applications.

Fixed issue with VST plugins reporting that the latency was 0.

List of changes from 2.0.58 to 2.0.59

This version is merge of previous versions from different beta testing rounds.

List of changes from 2.0.57 to 2.0.58

Bug fixes

Modulation information now applied correctly in the Digitakt plugin.

Keep Q value when switching between filter types in the Digitakt plugin.

Added missing tooltips on base width filter in the Digitakt plugin.

Filter graph reflects the new gain value when double-clicking in the Digitakt plugin.

Filter graph shows correct state on startup in the Digitakt plugin.

List of changes from 2.0.56 to 2.0.57


Lots of performance improvements related to the CoreAudio plugin for macOS Big Sur.

Not supported in this version: * aggregate device * correct latency reporting

Added volume and mute control to the Core Audio plugin.

Bug fixes

Fixed issue with plugins sometimes unable to connect to Overbridge Engine.

Fixed issue with mono bus configurations not working in Logic Pro X on Apple M1.

List of changes from 2.0.55 to 2.0.56


Support for all global modes


Added missing Sidechain Input options

Fixed Q value range

Rename TR to TRK

Capitalise LFO correctly

List of changes from 2.0.54 to 2.0.55


Digitakt 1.30 support

Added Second LFO Page

Added new EQ Filter mode

Added Base/Width Filter

Extended Sample Tune Range

Added Filter Envelope Delay

Added LFO2 support in Right Click menu

Increased LFO Depth range

External Input panel in Master/FX

Global Mixer mode in Master/FX

Bug fixes

If device name update fails in Control Panel it shows the old name and not the attempted one

List of changes from 2.0.53 to 2.0.54


Beta version of CoreAudio plugin for macOS Big Sur.

Not supported in this version: * aggregate device * mute/volume per channel * correct latency reporting

Engine now shows a message if you should need to restart after installing USB driver on Big Sur.

Engine now shows a message with possible resolutions for some device communication errors.

Bug fixes

Fixed issue with USB driver after waking up from sleep on Big Sur.

Fixed issue with mute states not showing correctly when plugin was started.

Fixed issue with ctrl + mouse click.

Control Panel should now show the old device name if changing the device name for some reason failed.

Fixed issue with non-alphanumeric characters in Kit/Sound names on Analog Four and Analog Keys.

List of changes from 2.0.52 to 2.0.53


Overbridge Engine's window size is increased for improved readability.

Added handling of power state changes (sleep/wakeup) to the Big Sur USB driver.

Bug fixes

Improved reliability in the Big Sur USB driver.

List of changes from 2.0.51 to 2.0.52


Channel configuration and bit depth is saved in the device on Big Sur (on Windows and macOS versions prior to Big Sur the bit depth and channel configuration is still saved on the computer side).

Bug fixes

Fix potential crash on plugin shutdown.

Improved latency and bugfixes for USB driver on Big Sur.

Fixed so that more popup windows are closed when moving the plugin window.

List of changes from 2.0.50 to 2.0.51


Improved latency in USB driver for Big Sur.

Engine will now show a message until system extension installation is approved on Big Sur.

Engine will now show devices not in OB-mode in the list of connected devices (but the device cannot be used with Overbridge until the USB mode is changed)

Bug fixes

Plugins should now handle case when computer wakes from sleep on macOS.

All popup windows should now be closed if plugin window is moved. Previously this only worked in standalone versions.

List of changes from 2.0.49 to 2.0.50


Apply button in Control Panel is now not shown if bandwidth for the selected channel configuration and bit rate is too large.

Bug fixes

Engine should now be able to detect devices even if an app using MIDI is open on macOS Big Sur.

USB driver now contains arm64 slice (previously it was running translated on Apple Silicon)

Control Panel could previously potentially show an incorrect channel configuration for Analog Rytm MKI and Analog Four MKI.

List of changes from 2.0.48 to 2.0.49

This version can be installed on all versions of Windows and macOS (disabling SIP on macOS Big Sur is no longer needed)


Engine will say incompatible firmware if a firmware that does not support all USB features on Big Sur is used.

Bug fixes

Sequencer sync now works on Big Sur even if no output channels are enabled on AR MKI or AF / AK MKI.

Fixed potential crash in Control Panel that could happen on Big Sur if no response could be made from USB driver.

Fixed issue with Control Panel potentially enabling incorrect amount of channels on AR MKI or AF / AK MKI and Big Sur.

Fixed issue with Engine showing device as active even if plugin had been closed.

List of changes from 2.0.47 to 2.0.48

This version is targeted only for Big Sur and requires updated firmwares.


Add support for using devices class compliant MIDI on macOS Big Sur.

Bug fixes

Fixed issue that could cause corrupt audio when Engine was started after Control Panel on macOS Big Sur

List of changes from 2.0.46 to 2.0.47


Improved Windows USB driver

Added tooltips to sidechain settings

Bug fixes

Fixed so that two Engine icons does not appear on macOS

Fixed so that audio streaming is not broken after changing bit depth in Control Panel on Windows

List of changes from 2.0.45 to 2.0.46


Support for mono and stereo channel configurations in Logic

Bug fixes

Engine should now not list a device as active when no plugin is open

Automation of on/off values didn’t work as expected for AudioUnits. Specifically, recording mute states were inverted.

Apply and discard should not appear after changing name in Control Panel

Digitone text input for ext input L/R parameters scales correctly

Better error handling and other improvements to the Big Sur driver

Popups are now closed when moving the plugin window

List of changes from 2.0.44 to 2.0.45

New Features

Experimental support for Big Sur

Breaking changes

Drop support for macOS 10.11

Bug fixes

Plugin GUI now changes the mute state correctly

List of changes from 2.0.43 to 2.0.44


More fixes so that plugin would not crash when started

Change so that there is no logging when set to off

More fixes so that macOS doesn't ask "Where is Overbridge Engine" when installer runs

List of changes from 2.0.42 to 2.0.43


Fix potential crash when a plugin is started

Fix so that macOS should not ask "Where is Overbridge Engine" when installer runs

List of changes from 2.0.41 to 2.0.42


Stability and optimization fixes

The plugins now present mono hardware buses as mono instead of stereo when loaded into Reason

List of changes from 2.0.40 to 2.0.41


Fixed crash due to channel configuration

Added save to new kit for Analog Four and Analog Rytm

List of changes from 2.0.39 to 2.0.40


New macOS driver 3.4.13

Adjust delay time dotted values

DN: Give track buttons more space

List of changes from 2.0.38 to 2.0.39

Show system requirements in macOS installer

Added Ratio Offset to DN Modulation Menus

Fixed Ratio Offset double click reset

Various GUI fixes and optimizations

List of changes from 2.0.37 to 2.0.38


Fixed incorrect plugin code for Digitone, which could cause Digitakt plugin to be opened instead.

macOS uninstaller now requires restart

Added voice reuse voice allocation option

Velocity/Pitch Bend/Aftertouch/Mod Wheel/Breath depth parameter has higher resolution

New Play Modes supported

Fixed issue with on/off type values that could not be changed from machine when first changed from plugin, or vice versa.

Fixed issue with silent audio stream when starting playback in Reaper

Fixed issue with Sound Pool not being loaded.

Various GUI fixes and optimizations

List of changes from 2.0.36 to 2.0.37


Fixed speed multiplier label

Fixed Digitakt tooltips

Fixed Control Panel button size

List of changes from 2.0.35 to 2.0.36


Fixed vst-folder attributes on macOS

Fixed issue with channel pressure messages in the macOS MIDI driver

Fixed potential crash on Engine shutdown

List of changes from 2.0.34 to 2.0.35


Fixed 2 Windows crashes

Drawing fixes for Analog Four/Keys and Digitone

List of changes from 2.0.33 to 2.0.34


Reverted to previous Windows driver

Added missing tooltips

Speed multiplier can now reach x128

EULA in macOS installer

Label alignments

Buttons no longer toggle on right click

Fix crash in Reaper

Various bug fixes and improvements

List of changes from 2.0.32 to 2.0.33


UI optimizations

Updated macOS driver

Updated Windows driver

Fixed text input on high resolution sliders

Re-added some missing tooltips

Fixed Analog Four/Keys Gate Length parameter

Various bugfixes and improvements

Fixed external modulation for Digitone via plugin

List of changes from 2.0.31 to 2.0.32


Bugfixes and improvements

List of changes from 2.0.30 to 2.0.31


Fixed issue with devices not being detected on older macOS versions

List of changes from 2.0.29 to 2.0.30


Fixed incorrect modulation mapping for LFO1, LFO2, Pitch Bend, Velocity, Mod Wheel, Breath and Aftertouch in the Digitone plugin.

Fixed an issue where the Digitone chorus & reverb send parameters were treated as low resolution instead of high resolution.

List of changes from 2.0.28 to 2.0.29


Fixed an issue with naming of MIDI devices in Windows

Fixed a freeze when two units were unplugged at the same time

Pitch Bend, Vel Mod, Mod Wheel, Breath and Aftertouch amount in the Digitone GUI were only editable from the unit

Destination depths of the same parameters resetted the depth if edited from the GUI

Toggle buttons toggled on a right click that should only have opened the modulation menu

No modulation menu for the Pan parameter in the Analog Four plugin

Amp Level is now correctly labeled Amp Volume in the Analog Four plugin

Track Volume is now correctly labeled Track Level in the Analog Four plugin

Typed in values for high res parameters were sometimes read wrong by the plugin

LFO shapes were not updated correctly in the Analog Four plugin after a clear

Fixed an issue with audio transport in Engine

Improved Catalina support

List of changes from 2.0.27 to 2.0.28


Fixed USB bandwidth bubble color in Control Panel

Show "paired device is disconnected" error message when device is disconnected on Mac

Bend depth now found under SLIDE in the Analog Four/Keys editor

Performance macro values now uses the correct range in the Analog Four/Keys editor

Editing Filter frequency 1/2 now caps at 127.99 in the Analog Four/Keys editor

Active button reflects correct state in the Analog Heat editor

Double click to reset LFO depth resets to 0 in the Digitone editor

Performance fixes in Engine and Plugins

Sort footer notification order with error first

List of changes from 2.0.26 to 2.0.27


Updated USB driver for Mac with bug fixes

List of changes from 2.0.25 to 2.0.26


Updated USB driver for Mac with bug and crash fixes

List of changes from 2.0.24 to 2.0.25


Fixed bug where wrong buffer size could be used

Fixed bug where illegal characters could be used in filename for audio recording

Changed default log level to log errors

Experimental Catalina support added back

List of changes from 2.0.23 to 2.0.24


Fixed possible crash in VST interface

Fixed possible crash in Audio Wave Scroller

New Analog Four/Keys OS requirement, 1.40

New Analog Rytm OS requirement, 1.50

Rectangular tooltips in Control Panel and Engine

List of changes from 2.0.22 to 2.0.23


Experimental Catalina support

Fixed issue where parameter automation jumps between values when recording in "latch" mode in Logic

Fixed signing Windows installer

List of changes from 2.0.20 to 2.0.22


Updated firmware support

Analog Four/Keys: Fixed crash on start

Fixed silent audio stream when using automation in Logic

Analog Four/Keys LFO destinations are now called A/B instead of 1/2

Various Optimizations

List of changes from 2.0.19 to 2.0.20


New USB driver for macOS

Fixed one issue where Overbridge Engine could hang if disconnecting multiple devices at the same time

List of changes from 2.0.18 to 2.0.19


Reduced harsh noises when unplugging the usb

High resolution parameters are now same in plugin and device

Analog Rytm Envelope depth now bipolar

Fixed Analog Four oscillator tooltip text

Added button to compress logs in Control Panel

Added button to clear logs in Control Panel

Added settings to enable and disable logging, available in Control Panel

List of changes from 2.0.17 to 2.0.18


Fixed glitching audio after very long sessions

LFO startposition is now clearer

Optimized loading of SoundPool and +Drive

Fixed right click Add to Sound Pool

Fixed Analog Rytm showing green for track 1-4 for any sound

Fixed Chorus Graph visual glitch

Fixed Audio Settings keyboard shortcut

A4 saw waveform icon now rises instead of falls

Fixed changing performance knob name on A4 didn't reflect in the plugin

Fixed loading pattern mute initial state

Fixed show Active Kit

Fixed change active track in Sound Browser

List of changes from 2.0.16 to 2.0.17


A4/Keys FX page has been cleaned up

In the Digitakt plugin pads now shows assigned sample name when KB is shown

Digitone plugin now has parameters for ratio offset

Fixed an issue where the FX track mute was not working

Improved parameter data sync between Rytm and plugin

Fixed an issue with how banks were read from the unit presented in the plugin.

Fixed a crash when dragging empty sound to a track

Fixed a crash caused by FX modulation

Optimizations to improve CPU performance in macOS

Minor graphics issues

List of changes from 2.0.x to 2.0.16


Fix Ableton crash on envelope shape change

Fixed Digitone Voice Layer order

Fixed Delay time text

Engine icon is now always white/black even on idle

Fixed Oscillator order

Fixed FX LFO Destination position in A4

Runtime optimizations

Fixed some graphics issues