Model:Samples OS 1.13 Release Notes

Elektron Music Machines

May 26, 2021

How to upgrade:

Upgrading from within the OS

When the update is done the unit will restart by itself.

After some OS upgrades the bootstrap is also upgraded. This operation must not be aborted, so never turn the power off until the Model:Samples tells you to reboot.

Upgrading from the STARTUP Menu

During the transfer a bar in the display shows the progress.

When the update is done the unit will restart by itself, booting the new OS.

After some upgrades the bootstrap is also upgraded. This upgrade is performed right after the first restart of the Model:Samples, do not turn the power off during the upgrade.

To transfer the SysEx file, Elektron recommend using either Elektron Transfer application (not available when upgrading from the STARTUP menu) or the Elektron C6 tool.

Downgrading the Model:Samples OS is not supported, and is performed at your own risk. User content may be lost.

Should you experience any problems or find any bugs, please report this to

Elektron support:


The Elektron development team

List of changes from OS 1.12 to 1.13


Added support for running the device on battery power using the Power Handle accessory and added a new BATTERY CONFIG menu with various battery-power related settings in the CONFIG menu. Added a battery indicator to the UI.

Added an additional step to switch on the device when running on batteries to prevent unintentional power up. You then switch on the device by pressing and holding MAIN VOLUME for a second and then turn MAIN VOLUME clockwise four ticks.

General USB Audio improvements.

Prevented MIDI feedback problems that could occur when pressing [STOP] twice.

Improved the visual feedback from the [REC] key in LIVE RECORDING mode.

Tracks set to MOUT now also forwards the incoming note data on the AUTO channel from external MIDI controllers to the MIDI OUT port for control of an external device.

Bug fixes

A fixed (non-synced) MUL setting on one LFO could, in some circumstances, affect the tempo of the other LFO.

When in LIVE RECORDING mode and using an external keyboard, only the first played note's velocity and micro timing was recorded when playing legato. The following notes instead got the default values.

The device did not listen to the MIDI CC All Notes Off.

The USB Class Compliant audio from the computer to the Elektron device could sometimes be silenced.

Parameter locked values were not displayed if another key was pressed immediately after the held [TRIG] key.

Pattern change was ignored if the [PATTERN] key was released before the [TRIG] keys.

When loading the STOCK project from the PROJECT MANGER after a factory reset, there was no sound from any samples assigned to tracks in pattern banks B-F.

Notes sent from an external MIDI controller were incorrectly transposed +2 octaves.

Some menu parameters graphics were, under certain circumstances, not visually updated after changing patterns during playback.

Trigs recorded in LIVE RECORDING mode could disappear if they were recorded while viewing a sample not assigned to the track in the SAMPLE ASSIGN menu.

Stopping the sequencer did not send a note off message over MIDI on channels that were set to send MIDI notes.

The first trig in the pattern was sometimes not triggered when controlling the Elektron device with an external MIDI clock, and MIDI transport was started.

SysEx dumps could become corrupted when sent to certain computer software.

List of changes from OS 1.02B to 1.12


Added velocity modulation in the PAD/VEL menu.

Added screen contrast setting in the DEVICE CONFIG menu.

Added USB audio output gain setting in the AUDIO CONFIG menu.

The PITCH parameter is now high-res and adjusts in decimal increments.

The LFO DEPTH parameter is now high-res and adjusts in decimal increments.

The order of the modulation destinations is changed to reflect the order in which they appear on the panel.

KBT and PAD snap values in the TRACK SETUP menu are now 1 octave apart.

Increased encoder sensitivity to make it easier to reach the snap values.

The user is now prompted to select the USB only port setting when trying to send SysEx project backups and USB+MIDI is selected. This is to speed up the data transfer.

The default delay time is now set to 24.

The default delay feedback amount is now set to 50.

In the SCALE menu, when setting MOD to PTN, the CHG value OFF now instead reads LEN since it then defaults back on whatever setting made for LEN.

Bug fixes

A pattern chain was ignored and did not play if the [PATTERN] key was released before the [TRIG] keys.

The STORAGE screen could in some cases incorrectly display a 100% usage.

Setting OUT CHAN to OFF for one of the MIDI channels stopped sequencer data from being sent for all MIDI channels.

Parameter locks on the first sequencer step could cause the device to freeze.

The pattern selection mode could, under some circumstances, be unintentionally activated.

The Pattern/Bank selection timeout was still active even if a knob was turned or a key was pressed during the timeout process.

After switching the unit on, the unit froze if it was powered off before the complete startup boot sequence was ready.

The PITCH parameter was wrongly labeled TUNE in the LFO modulation destination list.

Choosing the second space available in the naming menu ended the name instead of inserting a space.

The FAD setting in the RETRIG SETUP menu is removed since this function is handled by pressure of the [PADS].

The FIX setting in the PAD/VEL menu was incorrectly set to 0 when loading the STOCK project.

The unit did not listen to the MIDI CC All Notes Off.

The sequencer could be out of sync when using scale per track, if the previously set scale per pattern value was not 1x.

Trigs with PRE and NOT PRE conditions did not trigger correctly the first time a pattern played.

The sequencer started after preroll, even if it was paused before the end of the preroll.

It was in some cases possible to place trigs outside the range of the current track.

List of changes from OS 1.02A to 1.02B

Bug fixes

Improved support for USB Class Compliant Audio.

List of changes from OS 1.02 to 1.02A

Bug fixes

In rare cases, certain devices failed to boot properly.

List of changes from OS 1.01 to 1.02


Sample locks functionality has been added. It lets you assign a specific sample on any step of the sequencer. It is possible to sample lock up to 26 different samples in each pattern.

Bug fixes

Using [FUNC] + various keys to open multi choice windows put the device in MUTE mode. After pressing YES or NO to cancel the operation, the device was stuck in mute mode until [FUNC] was pressed again.

The samples had some degree of saturation/distortion added to them when played, regardless of the VOLUME+DIST setting.

The samples were played back with an inverted phase through the analog outputs.

Micro timing could not be cleared.

The filter cutoff screen graphics flickered when going from parameter value -2 to -1.

List of changes from OS 1.00 to 1.01


Improved behavior of how Control All affects the LOOP and FLIP parameters. It now toggles the settings on each individual track.

The TRIG NOTE menu is now accessed by pressing and holding a [TRIG] key in GRID RECORDING mode.

It is now possible to set separate MIDI channels for sending and receiving MIDI data.

Simplified the procedure of how to parameter lock LFO destination/depth. In GRID RECORDING mode, press [LFO] to open the LFO menu. Press and hold a [TRIG] key and then use LEVEL/DATA or a TRACK PARAMETER to change the settings.

Simplified bank and pattern change procedure.

Default MIDI note length increased to 1/16th note. The note length setting is also available in the TRIG NOTE menu.

Added splash screen on start up.

Undo functionality is added to the NAMING menu. PASTE and CLEAR commands can be undone by repeating the command.

Bug fixes

MIDI OUT POL (out polarity) setting STD was in fact inverted.

It was not possible to control the FX settings on the MIDI channel specified for FX In.

Audio was not muted when streaming bidirectionally over USB.

After pressing [FUNC] + other keys that brought up pop-up windows relating to certain functions, it was no longer possible to mute tracks by pressing [FUNC] + [T1][T6] after the pop-up disappered.