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Support & Downloads

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Resources for Analog Four


  • Analog Keys/Four OS 1.24C
    Compatible with Overbridge 1.15. For full list of changes, see the documentation included with the update zip-file.



  • C6 SysEx Manager + Manual
    The Windows and OSX versions of the SysEx utility C6 1.51. Use C6 to load samples or user waveforms to and from your Elektron machines. C6 is also ideal when performing SysEx memory dumps.



  • Analog Four User Manual (English)
    The Analog Four User Manual contains all relevant info about the machine. Note that you need a pdf viewer, for example Adobe Reader, to read the document (OS 1.23).


  • Analog Four Quick Start (English)
    The Analog Four Quick Start manual in English.


  • Analog Four User Manual (Japanese)
    The Analog Four User Manual in Japanese (OS 1.0).



  • Are the Analog Keys and the Analog Four patch compatible?
  • Can I export a MIDI file to my machine?
  • Can I use any USB cable for my machine?
  • Can I use my external soundcard while using Overbridge?
  • Can I use my Machinedrum, Monomachine or Octatrack power supply with the Analog Four/Rytm?
  • Can I use the analog filters of the machine to filter incoming signals?
  • Can I use the Analog Four/Keys to sequence my modular system?
  • Can the Analog Four/Rytm be rack mounted?
  • Does the Analog Four/Keys use any special-purpose chips for its oscillators and filters?
  • Does the Elektron sequencer offer pendulum, random or backwards modes?
  • How do I obtain spare parts for my machine?
  • I have a feature request
  • I have a problem, how do I get support?
  • Is it possible to send MIDI from my Analog device to Overbridge?
  • Is there a midi sequencer in Analog Keys/Four/Rytm?
  • Is there a way to have more than a total of 10 channels via Overbridge?
  • My Analog device outputs a constant buzzing tone when connected to a computer via USB
  • My Analog Four does not make any sound.
  • My Analog Four/Keys/Rytm only has 512 presets, how can I find the rest of the 4000+ presets?
  • My Analog Four/Rytm does not make any sound.
  • The window covering the LCD screen seems to be scratched?
  • Under what circumstances do I need to use a USB hub with Overbridge?
  • What about the FX?
  • What are the specifications of the PSU-3 power supply?
  • What can I use the CV/Gate outputs for?
  • What does Total Recall mean?
  • What is the difference between Sounds residing in the Project Sound Pool and those in the +Drive Sound Library?
  • What is the difference between the tracks?
  • What is the Performance mode?
  • What is the right power supply for my machine?
  • What is the USB port used for?
  • What is the warranty of this product?
  • What type of screws is used for the rack mount kit?
  • What’s the biggest differences between Analog Four and Analog Keys?
  • What’s the difference between trig mutes and sound mutes and which machine uses which type of mute?
  • Which parts of the machine are analog and which are digital?
  • Will Overbridge be compatible with Mac OS 10.6 / Windows Vista or lower?

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