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A place of magic,
shrouded in decades
of darkness. Now that
magic seems to be
awakening again.

Welcome to Elektron Studios Berlin.

Magic seeps through the walls of Friedrichstraße 17, Berlin. From early eighteenth century experiments with animal electricity, through master illusionist Conradi-Horster’s spectacular vanishing tricks a hundred years later. Now, after many decades of darkness, that ancient magic seems to be awakening again.

This will be a home to the creative engines of local and visiting musicians and manufacturers, where visual arts projects, exciting collaborations, workshops, and casual get-togethers offer a respite from the ordinary. We will be bringing together our favorite synthesizers under one roof, and finding imaginative ways to use them alongside our equipment and studio guests. We are here to provide a meeting ground, a sorcerer’s workshop where thought and action are allowed to transmute into enchanting waves that will ripple across the globe.

Upcoming events

There are no events planned for the moment.

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