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Vintage Drum Machines

Sound Pack for Analog Rytm

Sometimes, it’s the simple things in life that make things peachy. The simplest things often stand the test of time, in music as in other areas of culture.

This collection of vintage drum machine samples offers just that: sounds that have proved to be just what we wanted to hear. They are pleasing as well as interesting to the ear. They come together like vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. They’re vintage for a reason.

Featuring sounds from vintage drum machines: Linndrum, Boss DR220, SP1200, Drumulator, DMX and many more.

All samples by GoldBaby. Patterns and Kits by Elektron.

14.99 USD

Download includes:

  • 124 samples, 16 bit / 48kHz / mono WAV files
  • 1 Project
  • 4 Patterns
  • 4 Kits (including Scene and Performance macros)
  • Install instructions