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Sound Pack for Analog Keys/Four

Please help yourself to this fine set of percussive sounds for the Analog Keys and Four. It’s not a huge set. It’s not wildly experimental or eccentric. It’s mainly your bread-and-butter kicks, snares, and hats, plus a few surprises courtesy of its talented creator. Hats off to Skinnerbox for making this neat Sound Pack.

These drums sound good, won’t need further sculpting (unless you want to), and will do just what drums are supposed to do along with your basslines and melodic elements. It would be wrong to say no bells and whistles, though, because there are.

Please note this Sound Pack was designed for Analog Four MKII. It is compatible with Analog Keys and Analog Four MKI but be advised that there may be slight differences in sound.


Download includes:

  • 67 synthetic drum patches in 1 SysEx file
  • Install instructions
Please note, this Sound Pack contains no samples.