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Sound Pack for Model:Samples

This Sound Pack for Model:Samples taps into the classic drum sounds of the Roland TR-808 that permeated the 80s and beyond. The 72 samples, courtesy of Elektron resident Auvrel, cover all kinds of percussion, with nods to the iconic clicky snares and hi-hats as well as the booming bass drum that helped set the tempo for so many genres that hold electronic music at its heart.

As a bonus, Auvrel was kind enough to throw in 33 melodic samples of TB-303 and MC-202, for a total of 105 samples.

While formatted for Model:Samples, the sound files of this Sound Pack is also compatible with Digitakt, Octatrack, Analog Rytm, and any other sampler that handles WAV files.

This Sound Pack is a digital item. Detailed instructions on how to download the Sound Pack will be provided via email upon purchase.

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7.99 USD

Download includes:

  • 105 samples, 16 bit / 48 kHz / mono WAV files
  • Install instructions