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Sound Pack for Digitakt

In our hyper-technological day and age, you’re swept off your feet multiple times every day. New sounds and styles constantly appear from an unexpected corner of the sky, explode in a colorful fireworks display only to be a fading ember, a vague memory, the next day.

So, what to do to regain your footing, stand firm and stake your musical claim? Well, you need a Foundation, for a start. That’s exactly what this collection of samples for Digitakt is. Think Detroit, the feel of downtown and echoes of underground warehouse raves, where the primordial flavors of music we take for granted first emerged.

Turing & Percival, both mainstays in the Detroit scene, made this neat collection. The idiosyncratic equipment used includes the Nord Drum 1, Yamaha DX7, Yamaha V50, Waldorf Blofeld, Korg Volca Keys, and Elektron Analog Rytm MKI.

Samples: 25 Bass, 13 Clap, 12 Snare, 25 Cymbal, 25 Hi-hat, 25 Kick, 12 Recorded Noise, 26 Shaker, 44 Synth sounds

This Sound Pack is a digital item. Detailed instructions on how to download the Sound Pack will be provided via email upon purchase.

While formatted for Digitakt, the sound files of this Sound Pack is also compatible with Octatrack, Analog Rytm, and any other sampler that handles WAV files.

 Free demo
120,00 SEK

Download includes:

  • 128 samples, 16 bit / 48 kHz / mono WAV files
  • Install instructions