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Sound Pack for Analog Rytm

If you know Matia Simovich, either from his band Inhalt, or for his brilliant Analog Four Sound Pack Codex, you know that his palette of sounds is decisively and proudly rooted in the minimal waves emanating from the 1980’s synthpop underground. You also know that his sound crafting skills are second to none and Curcussion is no exception. 128 meticulously sculptured all analog hisses, snaps, and thuds to remind you of the days when no drum machine came even close to sounding like, you know, actual drums.

This Sound Pack is a digital item. Detailed instructions on how to download the Sound Pack will be provided via email upon purchase.

 Free demo
9.99 USD

Download includes:

  • 128 synth patches in 1 SysEx file
  • Install instructions
Please note, this Sound Pack contains no samples.