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Big Space

Sound Pack for Digitone

If you find yourself stuck on the soundtrack for that dystopian space opera you’re working on, we suggest you lend your ears to this eminent Sound Pack for Digitone. Philip Linde, the creator of Big Space, says his fascination with FM synthesis stems from its ability to sound equally digital and natural. This dichotomy is certainly at the very core of Big Space – a collection of lush pads, brash basses, tender bells, and mind-melting metallic noise washes. All in all, 128 patches that are sure to awaken your creativity and start you off exploring FM.

This Sound Pack is a digital item. Detailed instructions on how to download the Sound Pack will be provided via email upon purchase.

 Free demo
9.99 USD

Download includes:

  • 128 synth patches in 1 SysEx file
  • Install instructions
Please note, this Sound Pack contains no samples.