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EGR45-00006: Neil Landstrumm

12″ vinyl gramophone record

This is techno purely for those rock-solid psyches who lack that element of the deranged, the off-kilter and the strange — on the dance-floor and in their own mental constitution. If you’re even slightly in doubt of your sanity, stay well clear of this cut.

The fact that he’s been using Elektron instruments probably means it’s even more important to have that straight jacket at the ready. Even that won’t stop you from dancing, though.

Neil has been making wonky techno since antiquity, hell, he’s the progenitor of the genre, but what you probably didn’t know is that he’s also been doing graphics for Rockstar Games, the software house that brought you Grand Theft Auto. He’s been a skilled Elektron user from the very beginning, from the high and far off times of the Sidstation.

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