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We live in a digital age. That’s great in a lot of ways. Still, the sound, look and feel of analog instruments continue to fascinate and attract us. In this series, we’ll take a new look at these wonderful instruments. Starting from the the good vibrations that create the sound, we proceed to look at some drum machine, synthesizer and effects gear that puts those analog vibes to musical use. Lastly, joined by some of our favorite artists, we tackle the analog/digital issue. We hope to learn stuff and have fun here. Our primary goal is to inspire further exploration. Let’s go.

Part 1: Analog Basics

The journey begins inside an analog synthesizer.

Part 2: Return of Analog

We make our first stop in drum machine land.

Part 3: Alien Nature

Do synths sound warm and organic or cool and artificial?

Part 4: Wrangling Noise

Noise, feedback, distortion, what is it good for? Absolutely everything!

Part 5: Analog vs Digital

Time to settle the score once and for all.