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  • Octatrack back in stock!

    After a long absence, the shelves are once more full of Octatracks. And to really celebrate the return of the sound-bending performance sampler, we have some nice Octatrack related goodies for you.

    Get the Octatrack in the Elektron Online Shop.

    New operating system for Octatrack

    Octatrack OS 1.25C is now available, taking care of several bugs. Download from the Octatrack Downloads page.

    Central Sidstation Sound pack for Octatrack

    The brand new Central Sidstation Sound pack is brimming with gritty home computerish sounds. Better yet, when buying an Octatrack from the Elektron Online Shop, Central Sidstation is included free of charge. Offer valid until Oct 31.

    Get Central Sidstation Sound pack in the Elektron Online Shop.

    Listen to Central Sidstation demos on the Octatrack Sound & Video page.

    Jam Session #6: The Pickup project

    Jam session #6: The Pickup project is feast for both eyes and ears. Shot in a crusty warehouse, this session shows how the Octatrack Pickup machines can be used to make apocalyptic, Cure-tinted beats.

    Watch the Jam Session on YouTube.

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  • Biopads Sound pack for Analog Four/Keys

    Master programmer Biologik has created 150 Analog Four/Keys patches centred around pad sounds. Harrowing, beautiful, alien, lush - this pack is the perfect for all things ethereal. Download it for free from the Elektron Support and Downloads section.

    Biopads promo video

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  • Reshaped Harmonics Sound pack for Analog Rytm

    Imagine a new movement: relentless crypt clubbing. Twisted voices howling in the distance, metallic bass lines ripping through the air, a general sense of doom. Sound designer Nicholas Lem would then forever be known as the founding father of the movement. The Reshaped Harmonics Sound pack would be regarded as its origin. The rest would be history. 

    Get Reshaped Harmonics in the Elektron Online Shop.

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  • Depth & Vision Sound pack for Analog Four/Keys

    128 brand new patches for the Analog Four/Keys have been made available for your downloading pleasure. Behind this thoroughly programmed and highly inspirational Sound pack are renowned content creators Floppydisk Pirates. Expect nothing but quality.

    Depth & Vision promo video 

    Get Depth & Vision in the Support & Downloads section

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  • Elektron Jam Session #5

    New Jam Session video to be inspired by! Watch the Analog Keys process a modular rig + the little gem TR-606. Watch the other Jam Session videos in this YouTube playlist.


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  • OS updates for the Analog machines

    Bug fix OS updates for the Analog Rytm, Analog Keys, and Analog Four have been released. Get them in the Support and Downloads section.

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  • Divine 909 Sound pack for the Analog Rytm

    909, how do we love thee. Let us count the ways. No, impossible. Instead, allow us to pay the legendary old-school techno box our respects in the form of the Divine 909 Analog Rytm Sound pack. Thanks to Goldbaby, this collection of tape saturated 909 samples contains the stuff drum machine dreams are made of.

    Get Divine 909 in the Elektron Online Shop.

    Divine 909 promo video.

    Audio demos in the Analog Rytm Sound & Video section.

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  • SID Redux Sound pack for Analog Rytm

    The spirit of the Sidstation lives on - and it has found a comfortable home in the Analog Rytm. We have programmed and sampled our first-born machine and are proud to present the SID Redux Sound pack: a collection of gnarly, home computerish, and totally wonderful percussive sounds. This Sound pack will give your beats a lovely digital edge of the rusty kind.

    SID Redux promo video.

    Listen to sound examples from SID Redux in the Analog Rytm Sound & Video section.

    Buy SID Redux in the Elektron Online Shop.

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  • Want to work with Elektron Customer Support?

    We are looking for an addition to the Elektron Customer Support crew. If you want to work in a creative and forward-thinking environment, helping other Elektron users to the best of your ability - do not hesitate to apply.

    Job description

    You will be a part of the Elektron Customer Support team, aiding the Elektron user base by handling and answering support requests. By being responsive, efficient, and friendly, your efforts will contribute to Elektron support keeping the highest level of standard.

    This is a full time position and you will be based at the Elektron HQ in Gothenburg, Sweden.

    Your tasks

    - Answering support errands via the online Elektron Support system.

    - Monitoring and keeping track of support errand statistics.

    Your profile

    - Deep understanding of, and experience with, Elektron products.

    - Fluency in English.

    - Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

    - Extensive experience of working with DAWs.

    - Proficient in troubleshooting MIDI/audio interconnections.

    - Familiarity with both Windows/OSX environments.

    - Knowledge of basic studio/music production nomenclature.

    If this might be a job for you, please mail your resume and a cover letter to info@elektron.se. The subject of the mail should read "Job application: Elektron Customer Support". Deadline for sending your application is Sep 5.

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