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  • Analog Rytm Sound pack: Total Tabla

    The Tabla is a set of musical drums, originally sprung from Indian classical music, thousands of years ago. With the Total Tabla Sound Pack, you get 123 distinct Tabla samples. You also get a custom made project, with kits, patterns and macros designed to show off the combined power of Tabla and Analog Rytm.

    The samples were recorded by the elusive Neybuu, who spent 10 years of intense training in India with one of the most prominent contemporary Tabla artists.

    Check out the Total Tabla presentation video
    Listen to four sample Total Tabla tunelets
    Read an interview with Neybuu

    Buy the Total Tabla Sound Pack


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  • Elektron Jam Session 7: Yaybahar meets Elektrons

    Rarely does a completely new acoustic instrument get as recognized as the Yaybahar. Mere days after being published online, the video featuring musician/inventor Görkem Şen playing his creation had been seen by literally millions of viewers. There's a reason for this level of popularity. The Yaybahar sounds like nothing else. Strange and majestic. Part string instrument, part apocalyptic dream generator.

    When the Yaybahar is teamed up with Elektron machines two very similar worlds meet. One acoustic, one electronic - both of the progressive kind. The essence is the same, only the means are different. And the outcome defies categorization.

    Watch the Yaybahar meets Elektrons jam video on YouTube

    Read an interview on Elektronauts with Yaybahar inventor Görkem Şen

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  • New sounds for Analog Keys/Four

    Floppydisk Pirates has created 128 sounds for the Analog Keys/Four. The Unmechanical Sound pack consists of 100% royalty free sounds, ranging from dreamy pads to sharp drum sounds.

    Watch the Unmechnical Sound pack promo video.

    Download the Sound pack from the Elektron Support & Downloads section.


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  • Want to work with Elektron Customer Support?

    We are looking for an addition to the Elektron Customer Support crew. If you want to work in a creative and forward-thinking environment, helping other Elektron users to the best of your ability - do not hesitate to apply.

    Job description

    You will be a part of the Elektron Customer Support team, aiding the Elektron user base by handling and answering support requests. By being responsive, efficient, and friendly, your efforts will contribute to Elektron support keeping the highest level of standard.

    This is a 50% position and you will be based at the Elektron HQ in Gothenburg, Sweden. 


    Your tasks

    - Answering support errands via the online Elektron Support system.

    - Monitoring and keeping track of support errand statistics. 


    Your profile

    - Understanding of, and experience with, one or more Elektron products.

    - Fluency in English.

    - Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

    - Extensive experience of working with DAWs.

    - Proficient in troubleshooting MIDI/audio interconnections.

    - Familiarity with both Windows/OSX environments.

    - Knowledge of basic studio/music production nomenclature.


    If this might be a job for you, please mail your resume and a cover letter to info@elektron.se. The subject of the mail should read "Job application: Elektron Customer Support". Deadline for sending your application is March 13.

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  • Analog Rytm Sound pack: Future House

    Welcome to the outer rim of House. Biome Digital has created a set of envelope pushing samples specifically tuned for deep, enchanting and pioneering beats. A treat for the sound systems of the world.

    Future House promo video.

    Listen to sound examples from Future House in the Analog Rytm Sound & Video section.

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  • Night of Machines party

    Yes! A new Night of Machines party is on the horizon. It coincides with the ubiquitous NAMM show - so fix up, look sharp. Jan 24 will be a night to remember.

    Line up

    Nosaj Thing (Innovative Leisure/Timetable). Elektron Talk with Nosaj Thing.

    Cherushii (100% Silk)

    Patricia (Ghostly, Opal Tapes)

    Projekt Dataline Vs Cuckoo (Elektron)


    And that's not all! Paying visitors (pre-sale and at the door) arriving between 10pm and 11:55pm have the chance of winning an Analog Keys.



    806 E Colorado St


    CA 91205


    Saturday, Jan 24

    Doors open at 10 PM

    General info

    Age 21+

    $20 ADV

    Buy pre-sale tickets at Flavorus

    Night of Machines Facebook event


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  • Sound packs for Analog Keys/Four and Monomachine

    Christmas comes early for Analog Keys/Four and Monomachine operators.

    The Low Register Sound pack, conceived by Biologik for Analog Keys/Four, consists of 160 patches squarely situated in the lower frequency regions. Bass aficionados, rejoice! Low Register video presentation on YouTube.

    For Monomachine, there's the Immortal Waves Sound pack. It contains 64 user waveforms derived from a Minimoog Model D, plus 16 patters and 16 kits demonstrating the power of the Monomachine sound engine. Audio demos on SoundCloud. Video presentation on YouTube. User waveforms assembled by Radek Rudnicki

    Get both Sound packs in the Elektron Support & Downloads section.

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  • State of Overbridge

    Overbridge will be a bit delayed. At the moment a closed beta group is testing various aspects of the implementation, and our aim is to roll out an open beta in February 2015. If all testing goes well the complete version of Overbridge will be released Q1 2015.

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  • New Workflow video series

    The new Workflow video series consist of videos showing how to make music with Elektron machines. Easy to get real world examples, fun to watch. During the week, all our machines will be covered - one new video each day. Watch the Workflow playlist.

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  • Winning streak

    Hot on the heels of the Analog Rytm receiving the Future Music Hardware of Year award, our latest creation just got recognized again. The Analog Rytm can now pride itself on having received the Electronic Musician Editor's Choice 2015 award. Two major awards in two weeks. We are incredibly happy and grateful!


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