Octa Pak: Volume 5 — House


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Octa Pak 5 - House is essential for producers looking for soulful beats and sounds. The sound pack is custom built for the Octatrack and is filled with cutting edge samples from Loopmasters, pre-arranged and loaded for ease of use. It comes with an Octatrack set featuring a project with 16 patterns, essentially all you need to jump right in and start creating/mixing and mangling. Also included are 16 (crossfader) Scenes ready to be assigned for adding fills, filters and glitch effects to your live set.

The House pack includes 9 special drum kit samples, customized for the Octatrack slice functionality. A drum kit sample consists of several individual drum hits and drum hit combinations and by slicing it, full beat making can be performed on a single track. Also included are 6 synth scale samples, available in both Major and Minor scale versions for each synth sound. By slicing them, melody lines can be recorded on a single track.

Listen to sound examples from Octa Pak 5 - House in the Octatrack Sound & Video section.

This sound pack is a digital item. When purchasing it, detailed instructions how to download the sound pack will be provided via email. Instructions how to install the sound pack on the Octatrack is provided with the download.

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Key features: Sound pack size: 447 Mb. 24 bit/44.1 kHz samples. 1 set. 1 project. 16 patterns. 1 part. 16 scenes. 20 bass loops. 20 drum loops. 12 filterfunk loops. 9 drum kit samples. 6 bass and synth scale samples. 28 music loops. 23 tops and percussion loops. 13 vox and SFX loops. 4 bass shots. 6 synth shots. 84 one shot drum samples. 18 SFX hits.
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