Hell Bent on Circuits


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Frankensteined gear alert! The Puremagnetik team has ripped up dozens of electronic instruments and totally rearranged their innards. If you ever wanted to know how demon possessed gear might sound, this is the Sound pack for you. Included is also a thorough collection of digital speech synthesis samples.

The sound pack is specifically made for the Octatrack. Included is an Octatrack set featuring 1 project, 16 patterns and 4 parts. Also included are 16 scenes per part, providing a great starting point for experimenting with the demo patterns.

Listen to sound examples from Hell Bent on Circuits in the Octatrack Sound & Video section.

This sound pack is a digital item. When purchasing it, detailed instructions how to download the sound pack will be provided via email. Instructions how to install the sound pack on the Octatrack is provided with the download.

Please note Octatrack OS 1.25 needs to be installed to take full advantage of this Sound pack. The OS can be downloaded in the Octatrack Downloads section.

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Key features: Sound pack size: 87 MB. 24 bit/44.1 kHz WAV samples. 1 set. 1 project. 16 patterns. 4 parts. 16 scenes per part. 11 bent kicks. 9 bent snares. 13 bent claps. 14 bent cowbells. 3 bent cymbals. 18 bent hi-hats. 6 bent rimshots. 7 bent tambourines. 13 bent toms. 127 bent loops. 78 speech synth syllables.
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